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Introduction of Polydextrose

Polydextrose is usually produced from cornstarch, so it is vegan and gluten-free.

Polydextrose is a soluble dietary fiber for replace sugar. It has a low glycemic index. it helps food and beverage manufacturer create products with Low sugar, Low fat, High fiber in a variety of foods, including beverages, ice cream, cakes, candies, dessert mixes, breakfast cereals, frozen food, puddings and dressings. Polydextrose is approved as a direct food additive by the US Food and Drugs Administration for use as a nutrient supplement, texturizer, stabilizer or thickener, formulation a Polydextrose has been used as a food ingredient since the 1960’s. This is a great property for controlling water activity and shelf life in food products.

Polydextrose is an easy-to-soluble dietary fiber and humectants.


Polydextrose Applications

  • 1. Nutrition Bars and Cereals
  • 2. Ice cream & Frozen desserts
  • 3. Cultured Dairy
  • 4. Beverages
  • 5. Chocolate
  • 6. Fruit Spreads & Fillings
  • 7. Fibre Enriched alcohol drinking
  • 8. Health Care Products
  • 9. Baked goods and baking mixes (permitted in fruit custard, and pudding filled pies, cakes, cookies, and similar baked goods)
  • 10. Ice cream
  • 11. Frozen dairy desserts and mixes
  • 12. Dressings for salads
  • 13. Sweet sauces
  • 14. Toppings and syrups
  • 15. Chewing gum
  • 16. Gelatins
  • 17. Confections and frostings
  • 18. Puddings and fillings
  • 19. Peanut spreads
  • 20. Hard and soft candy
  • 21. Pharma- ceutical tablets
  • 22. Fruit ices
  • 23. Table spreads
  • 24. Indian traditional sweet
Polydextrose Fiber Facts

Physical Benefits

  • While it has many of the properties of sugar, Fibersse® polydextrose has a low sweetness. It is compatible with sugars and high potency sweeteners allowing the sweetness level of finished products to be easily balanced.
  • The clean, neutral taste of Fibersse® polydextrose helps to mask the off-flavors, that can result from the addition of vitamins, soy, minerals and other supple- ments found in nutritional products.
  • Polydextrose contributes bulk/solids and enhances eating quality. Fibersse® polydextrose can restore the desirable mouthfeel and smooth, textural qualities that may be lost when replacing sugars and fats in food products.
  • Polydextrose also acts as a humectant to keep a food product moist and maintain freshness while improving shelf life. This is especially important for baked goods.
  • When used in ice cream and frozen dairy products, the freezing point depression factor of polydextrose permits the texture of the finished product to be balanced to create a rich, creamy smoothness.
  • Polydextrose is highly soluble and stable. It has a higher water solubility than most carbohydrates and polyols, allowing up to 80% w/w solutions at 20°C (68°F).
  • Polydextrose exhibits excellent stability over a wide range of temperatures and pH conditions.

Nutritional Benefits

The polydextrose is ideal for the formulation of products that target Weight Management and Diges- tive Health.

  • A premium quality 1 kcal per gram speciality carbohy- drate.
  • Replaces sugar and fat while improving the flavor, texture and mouthfeel of many food products.
  • Assists in the formulation of reduced calorie foods and beverages.
  • Adds prebiotic fibre for improved digestive health.
  • Provides a satiating effect that can assist in weight management.
  • Is suitable for consumers seeking to control, carbohy-drate intake, including diabetics.

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Polydextrose Application

Nutritional and Health Supplements

Adds high purity fiber to your nutrition and health food supplements. Inducing satiety with the consumption of fewer calories, polydextrose can be used in Nutritional bars developed for weight management.

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Polydextrose increases dietary fiber content in various dairy products. It improves flavor, texture and mouthfeel of Frozen desserts and dairy products. It is also Lower calorie, lower fat and improves taste.

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Polydextrose helps add adhesion and increase bowl-life for cereals making it more fibrous, improving taste and texture which makes it more digestible. It provides texture and acts as a humectants and bulking agent.

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Soups, Sauces and Dressings

Improves shelf stability and freshness in salad dressing, soups, sauces, dips and ready-to-eat meals. It acts as a stabilizer and thickening agent in saucesand soups, and to help maintain the ideal moisture in foods.

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Polydextrose FAQs

Polydextrose is a soluble fibre that is ideal for calorie reduction while also enabling significant fibre enrichment. Polydextrose is a source of dietary fibre that can be easily incorporated into a variety of foods such as sugar-free products, cereals, snacks, bakery items, beverages, dairy products and sauces. Empowers manufacturers to meet increased consumer demand for reducing calories and sugars without sacrificing digestive tolerance, taste or texture.

Polydextrose acts as a highly functional bulking agent in a variety of foods and beverages and is ideal for sugar replacement. It is available in liquid and powder formats, is highly soluble and provides excellent moisture control and adhesive properties. It also delivers exceptional process and shelf stability, with no loss of fibre content, even in acidic conditions. There is no need to overcompensate for fibre loss, resulting in an attractive cost in use.

Polydextrose helps reduce calories by rebalancing bulk, viscosity and mouthfeel in reduced-sugar/fat products. It is ideal for calorie reduction and sugar-free applications. Polydextrose also promotes healthy blood glucose, producing a lower blood glucose rise after consumption compared to sugar-containing foods and beverages, and promotes satiety.

Polydextrose has a neutral colour and clean taste. Its high solubility enables manufacturers to significantly boost fibre without creating chalky or grainy texture in a variety of applications: Bakery, Dairy, Confectionery, Beverages, Sauces and Dressings.

Polydextrose labels as ‘polydextrose’.

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